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VetWiz can help you diagnose animal diseases by simply selecting from a list of symptoms noticed on the animal. You can also view preventive measures, disease treatment as well as vaccine if available. The application is easy to use with a clean interface.

We have taken into consideration the fact that some areas where this app is needed may have poor internet or lack of it thereof. VetWiz has thus been developed for use without the need to be connected to the internet. This way diagnosis can be done anywhere and at anytime. Simply sync after first install of the app to have the disease database downloaded to the app and therefore made available for offline use.


Animals Currently Supported









The following features exist on the app after extensive research on the needs of vets and community animal health workers

Select Animal

Select from the list of animals available for diagnosis

Wide array of Symptoms

Select as many symptoms as noticed on the animal you wish to diagnose from the list provided

View Diagnosis

See a list of possible diagnosis based on the symptoms you selected as well as prevention and treatment


Find Vet Shops / Outlets

Find vet products and services based on your GPS location

Outbreak Detection

Vet Wiz app has been programmed to auto detect and report a disease outbreak in an area

Share Feedback

Reach out to us with whatever feedback you may have via the app. Share text or media in real-time

Download VetWiz

Get Started with the most innovative solution for animal disease diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the questions you may have

Do I need good internet to use VetWiz ?

Vet Wiz has been designed for easy use even in areas with poor internet access or lack of it. You only need the internet to download the app, login and pull diagnosis data using the sync button

What is the cost of using this app ?

Download and use of the Vet Wiz application is free of charge at the moment.

What animals are supported ?

For the time being the following animals are supported: Camel, Cattle, Goat, Pig, Poultry and Sheep

How can I get login credentials ?

Simple click the create account link on the login screen to set up an account for yourself.



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